dental implant modelAt High Desert Dental our top priority is giving you, the people of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the best dental care available. Helping you keep your teeth strong and healthy, but also providing amazing service when helping restore your teeth. Are you missing one or more teeth and looking to fill those gaps in your smile? We might have a great solution for you, dental implants!


The Process 


After losing a tooth, the best and most natural way to restore your smile is by getting a dental implant. There are a few important steps that are in the implant process such as; 


  • Initial appointment the shape and the color of the custom-made tooth will be discussed and measurements sent to the lab.
  • Surgical placement of the metal post into the jaw bone. Metal post, once healed, will act and represent the root of the artificial tooth.
  • After the metal post has integrated into your jaw bone, the dentist will place and seal the artificial tooth onto the metal post 


Even though there are few steps in creating, making, and placing the dental implant, it does take some time to be completed due to healing time. 


Implant Benefits  


Other than filling the gap in your smile with a new tooth, there are a lot more benefits that come when receiving an implant. 


  • The metal post is used as the root of the tooth but is also helping your jaw bone stay healthy with stimulation happening while chewing. If the bone isn’t being stimulated, it can start to degrade. 
  • Because it is an artificial tooth there is no chance of decay or debris reaching and harming the tooth. 
  • Custom made to your smile, the implant will match the rest of your teeth in color and size, so no one can tell the difference. 
  • Implants are the best way to achieve a full natural smile.


If you are in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area and are looking to fill in your smile please don’t hesitate to call or come see us. Our team here at High Desert Dental is here to help you in any way we can. Implants are the best and the most healthy way to complete your smile and keep you smiling for days to come!